“Words of Adventure” is a book birthed as a compilation of poems in which there is a message for every individual.
Giving consideration to the little and also profound experiences of human life, the author in his conversational titles, communicates deep thoughts through words to every reader.
In two hundred and fifty eight pages with the same number of poems, Dr. Chukwunyere explains the sublime to the secular; the sincere to the simple, all in a bid to exorcise the negatives of our existence, leaving us to relish the positives that life has provided in abundance.
“If You Remain Calm, The Most Aggressive Dog Will Be Your Friend” is the first of the over two hundred titles in this collection. The poem which admonishes on the need to imbibe patience as a virtue, exhorts on the endless advantages that one could leverage as a result of the not being unnecessarily hasty while doing things.
Like a preacher and a teacher, its didactic relevance resonates and is driven in with ease.
It is particularly important because of the fast-paced lives that we all live in now. People want to hurriedly get rich, have everything at once even without expected effort, but this poem causes the reader to step on his/her brakes and consider the patience option.
The third poem strikes a chord, first with the title and further by its content, “You Don’t Get Wiser By Getting Older, But You Get Wiser By Understanding”.
This poem delves into the argument about Leadership and responsibilities. Could people develop a new kind of mindset where ability to add value is considered ahead of how old and how long the individual has spent even with little or no value.
The bible records that Solomon was less than forty years yet he reigned over men that were older than his demised father. This also accounts for wisdom and where it makes resident.
It does not necessarily come with the grey on one’s head. Moving to the seventh poem, To Lack Zeal And Ambition Is To Suffer Hunt. How apt is the title if I should say.
Passion is the food of success, but the ingredient for passion is ambition. Life is full of reasons to live and if one must make anything tangible from it, then ambition is very important. Some lines from the poem tell a lot about it “There is no formidable problem There are no formidable difficulties…
But there is courageous man Who understands and knows What it takes to overcome…” It simply means that life has it hiccups, but courage is needed as much as understanding to be able to brace every odd.
Zeal cannot be thrown away, neither could determination be wished off, but resilience must be called into operation if life must be meaningful. Dr. Chukwunyere also endeavours making immense sense.
He talks about the importance of everything and anything, particularly with the mind that nothing is useless however we look at it.
If The Stream Is Useless, We Will Know Who Will Beg As Soon As It Stops Flowing. Whether the water is dirty or clean, it has its use. Whether a man is short or tall, there is something important about all of God’s creatures.
This poem communicates beyond the denotative level; rather it unveils much connotative dive sity, which we must read carefully to sieve. A bird in hand is worth more than one could imagine in the bush, as such, appreciating the privileges of what is in one’s possession is very instructive from this poem.
Those Who Will Make Wrong Use Of Their Time Are Those Who Will First Complain is another in this collection that is packed full of meaning. Time is one thing, if lost, cannot be retrieved.
It is the piece which admonishes on judicious use of the ‘wealth’ called time. He further makes us understand, that those whose lack of discretion causes the misuse of time are often the first to complain when the dire consequences hit them hard.
Time Control Is Life Control, What You Want To Become Is At The Space Of Time. This is another poem which explains the essence of time from its title. It therefore cannot be undermined for any reason, for time first and season as second are the two ingredients of success.
The author seems bent on driving the message of success home, but success can only be achieved in the light taking cognizance of a number of important factors.
In the poem, When Efforts Are Wrongly Placed The Result Is Pathetic, Dr. Chukwunyere dissects the need to put the right foot forward, make the best of decisions and be on top of what one is doing if the result must be pleasant.
The direction of this work is best envisaged when someone who intends to be a civil engineer decides to study Accounting.
It is obvious that such academic footing is wrong and the priority misplaced from the beginning. It then means, that the right decisions and steps must be taken, toward realizing set goals.
Could one also think of making any sense in life without considering the nature and attitude of the individual?
This question ventures an answer in The Most Dangerous Man In The World Is The Man Who Knows Himself.
By implication, a man who has attained a level of knowledge; one who is independent; an individual who has a clear-cut idea about how to live his or her life is one that cannot be toiled with.
The emancipation of the human mind is definitely the key to greatness. This is the main view, among others which are expressed in this piece of creative work.
Book Title: Words of Adventure
Author: Dr. Chukwunyere Chukwu
Year of Publication: 2014
Pagination: 258
Reviewer: Adeniyi Taiwo Kunnu

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