The Drones Champions League 2018... Lessons for Nigeria's 'Mal-focused' Internet Users.

'The Quid Force One' of the USA just won the Drone Champions League of 2018 at Plaza de Toros in Madrid, Spain. Sponsored by Red Bull, participants came in from America, Asia, Europe and that would be it. While we may ask where South Africa is, well, Africa is Africa as America IS NOT South America.

Of greater concern to everyone reading should be, the level of progression in Robotics and its future deployment to uncharted regions for information, solutions and capacities for rattling opponents when war erupts.

War may be the last thing that everybody wants now, but when technology develops to a point, history has shown that capabilities are tested to establish extents of capacities. Drones need new markets, and piecing historical facts together, drones could be the cash cow capable of routing insurgents and by extension, insurgency.

Bringing it home and at the just concluded Google conference in Lagos, Vice-president of Google Marvin Chow has it all said in this paraphrase, 'The Future of Innovation in Nigeria is Bleak'.

Hush! No arguments please because we are good at needless verbal jibes, tirades and off - tangents, even when 'crass lack of intelligence is spewed as geysers at Yellowstone park'.

Would I blame government, yes because those who have the reins of power over the years have squandered the nation's patrimony, making the country crouch to its death under the weight their satanic covetousness.

Would I blame Nigerians yes, because knowledge is widespread but majority chose frivolous slopes rather than result oriented activities. Even the debacle from Nigeria's Political Wood or Pollywood seems not attractive enough for search on Google.

Quick reward from music and who earns most have become the query, while the gods of the belly resident in Banga soup hypnotized many others. The forces of shaku shaku were available, dragging along the debaucher of BB Naija. Black panther with its wakanda gait shook to Wizkid's Soco, as women watched how to tie gele, planning frenzied partying. Ultimately, checking fixtures for the world Cup rounds it off.

In all, the discordant noise about vibrant activities of Nigerians on social media could not even reflect anywhere. It means, majority of youths are daily drowned in the sloppy slopes of inanities, while their adult counterparts consistently revel in the blinding blandness of failing internet ventures.

Well, the World have never waited for people from other worlds on this planet, while the Advanced World could only care if hands are up to be lifted, but sorry, trillions of dollars siphoned are still being negotiated to be returned and Nigeria is perhaps, done for.

Google must be truly disappointed, that the most populous black nation in the world, with over half her population within the youth bracket and with a promise of approximately 400 million hasn't lived up to investments expectations.

Could there be Redemption?

Yes of course, but it begins with what you and I do daily, as we punch our smart phones or get to use our computers. Do we add value to our lives, or unknowingly relish the wasted hours over empty banter, or we identify personal, community or national need; following which we seek knowledge to provide solutions.

Last year, Chief Executive Officer of Google Mr. Sundar Pichal began an initiative to invest $3 million free equity seed funding for technology startups in Africa. Further, there is a commitment of $6 million in grants to non-profits in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.
This promise has been made good.

In April this year, Google launched one of its apps, the 'Google Go' in Nigeria and 26 other African countries. This has enabled searches and web experiences come at easier, faster, cheaper rate, even more intuitive.

In the final analysis, there has to be a re-birth of consciousness about the next big thing in our time... Information cumTechnological Trends and its Dynamics. Yesterday is now and tomorrow is today. Let's all make hay to add value.... Time is of the essence.

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