To be civilized is situational, contextual, juncture posited and general. To say that those who lived during the dark ages in Europe weren't civilized, would mean they never had a way of life, much more some kind of agreed societal inclinations.

It could mean utter goof if someone said pre-colonial Nigeria was void of civilization, because the structure met by Europeans, particularly in the political administration of the Nigerian entity remains an integral ingredient for the success of 'overloads.

These being said, it may not be wrong to say Nigeria and Nigerians have evolved from the days of yore to the realities of the democratic dispensation, particularly in the consciousness of progressive endeavours for the purposes of sustained successes; both on the political front and other constituted terrains.

Donald Trump got on the presidential podium with the Mantra, "Let's Make America Great Again", regarding whether he meant it or not could be opened for discussion later, but the average American must have had their pulse taken for the belief wielded when the words were produced.

This leaves me thinking if the words, " Let's Make Nigeria Great Again" would resonate, to the point of being actionable. The distastes occasioned by our ethnic divide and myopic discolouration make one really sick. If a corrupt person was tried for crimes, some people would say it is unjust as some others are left off the hook; if a statement was made to advance the cause of certain others, political undertone sets in had one begun.

It just casts needless gloom over efforts being genuinely made to advance the entrenching of nationhood, while the jeopardy of a beautified future edges off the precipice with these unhealthy dispositions. Could i urge that we re-invent our nuclear wheel of values, re-design our complex fabrics and re-sculpt the compound frames of our persona.

@mautin777; 12.05.17; Friday.
From my new book... Chronicles of Fading Lushness.

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