Yesterday, it was reported that in Niger state over twenty persons were 'wasted', in a mosque. Recently seven persons got 'snuffed out' at Ossisa community in Delta state - making these wanton wastage on the Northern and Southern divides.

I would love not to report the killing of anyone tomorrow, but i may refer to deaths if the causes are not intentional and optimally evil. After the case in Delta state, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa called on the federal government - the same manner that his co-suffering governors had cried for help, but it has eluded them in every sense.

Isn't it utterly out of place, that a governor, ditto other affected governors, who should tackle the security problems first in their domain, had to send an 'SOS' to the president at the nation's capital. Could we stop referring to killers as herdsmen? Those who take another's life at will are murderers and can only face the weight of the law in commensurate measure.

I hope that those saddled with the task of protecting lives and property in their states, would be proactive enough to first 'arrest' the situation before crying for help from over 500 kilometers.

These needless deaths must come to a definite end.

@mautin777; 16.05.17; Tuesday.
From my new book... Chronicles of Fading Lushness

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