The inexplicable resort to the channel of our births for emotional satiation or the exploitation of the ‘pleasure passage’ for economic sustenance has remained on the front-burner of human discourse, since perhaps both sexes realized the ‘transcendent’ purpose that this hallowed grove serves. While many persons may hail Greece as having offered the world democracy, when in the 7th century such practices in governance which elicited egalitarianism came to the fore, the Greeks in the 6th century had even been sexually democratic allowing prostitution, while calling the prostitutes Hetairai. If Spartacus does not make any sense to you, at least the wanton debauchery enjoyed by the betraying humped-being in the movie Three Hundred should clear your contemporary hallucinatory unbelief. Sex has become personified, living with us and surely would not budge to hit the exit doors. Do not wince or squint in hypocrisy because you are a product of it, even if you could save ‘us’ the legal or otherwise details of your earthly appearance.

If you found yourself in China, wifeless or married and ‘erectile agro’ raps on your mid-section door, causing you to part with a little of the naira that has been changed to the Chinese Yen, in exchange for the momentary warmth from another of eve’s availing descendants; be aware that you just contributed to the illegal sex trade in China, making your pittance part of the plenteous $73 billion worth of that black economy in the world’s most populous country. It was Charles Darwin who mentioned, that the most adaptable to change of the species survive, perhaps one could intersperse his purely biological and environmental perspective with the survival inevitabilities of women in a phallocentric human geography. What then could one adduce as to why we just get awed, bored, booed, haunted, disgraced, ‘over-joyed’ , satisfied, vindictive, vindicated, mesmerized, separated, divorced, re-married, insecure, disrespected, humiliated, treacherous, confused, suicidal, mistrusted, distrusted, retarded, prolific and the list of our human expressions keep unfolding. 

Prostitution is world-wide ‘merchandise’ with the industry’s whooping accumulated value put at $186 billion. From the proximity to Dordan Barracks of Obalende, the glittering Kerbs in Washington DC to Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, soliciting for sex from strumpets comes in various modes and prizes. From the Legality of Nicaragua’s fourteen year olds, who are privileged to peddle their ‘half-baked meals’, so far they could show certain documentations, to the indifference and as such its sanction in Indonesia, the trade keeps wielding its tentacles of unrivalled magnetism, making pimping privileges wide-spread, brothel ownership thrive and reconsolidation of poverty pervasive. With the words ‘I love you’ after a few visits and of course $2, a willing solicitor could have unprotected sex with any of the 60,000 sex workers, who are at the kamathipura region of India. The limited legality of paid-sex in the world’s second most populous country has not deterred those who live by the trade, even if half of the number quoted are living with the HIV virus.

Government across the world have made different cases to support or discountenance the incorporation of the sex trade as legal means of earning a living, but reasons which include opportunity for revenue, keeping the trade healthy, it is just another job and that it helps to focus on real criminals have all tended towards its justification. The other side of the divide however raises placards with inscriptions such as: Immoral earnings, degrading by definition, it does not work and that it’s always going to be dangerous and unhealthy as strong positions held in dis-favour of prostitution. These divergent positions have resulted in the varying dispositions viz: from Sweden, Norway and Finland where paying for sex is illegal and selling it is not a crime, to Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa where it is illegal but unofficially pervasive, to Senegal, Ethiopia and Mozambique amongst other African countries where it is legal without discountenance and Germany, Belgium, France amongst a number of other European countries where the trade is a cash cow amid back and forth in legislative amendments; it is found out, that the dastardly practice in human trafficking, under-aged prostitution, strange deaths, sexually transmitted infections and repeated violence have thrived under the cover of whatever status prostitution is made to happen.

Could one make a case against prostitution is the question to be carefully thought over. As much as the body organs are nature’s gifts, so are good looks which often result in attraction and some favours. Why then do people cry foul over trading one’s body for sex. Couldn’t it be legally exploited by states/countries where it appears to be posing challenges in respect of curbing it? What about the countries that have legalized cannabis and poppy plants equally levying these plants so as to regulate it, thus keeping illicit traders off and bringing money into government coffers. Is there any consideration for human rights and freedom to a private life that does not outrightly violate any laws? Even as these questions get asked, the idea that ‘having received freely means giving freely’ makes the discussion open up another chapter. Could the risk of infections be curtailed by legalizing and regulating this trade? Every country seeks an enviable domain where peace is not truncated and family life encouraged, but supporting the legalization of prostitution seems double-speak to some. What about religious bodies one may ask? Would it be inconsequential to jettison religious ideologies? These are posers which, matter of fact, could never be responded to in linear forms but complex indefiniteness as it were.

Germany in 1927 first countenanced prostitution but its effective date in contemporary times is 2002. The sex industry in this Western European nation is worth $18 billion.  This taxable trade becomes better appreciated with 400,000 registered prostitutes who waltz in the daily patronage of 1.2 million German men. The Netherlands also gives its nod to the trade, having passed the law in October 2000, it can boast of the highest sex-driven tourist attraction and its worth put at $800 million dollars. From the quoted figures, there are no doubts it cannot be wished off ever, especially with the accruable tax and evolving human rights consciousness. 11 counties in US’ state of Nevada are also in the trade, which is worth $14.6 billion in that country and Turkey is not left out, with the trade worth $4 billion in the Eurasian giant. Africa’s Senegal is also in the legal sex trade and has been since 1969; condition being that the prostitute must be 21 years and pay regular visits to the health center for checkups

For those whose longings are coated in honey and sugary spreads, prostitution is not legal in Afghanistan; neither will your cravings be looked away from by the big punitive stick in Albania, Angola and; Antigua and Barbuda. You will sure find Argentina, Armenia and Austria welcoming, while Belize, Bolivia and Brazil will make you feel alive in the paid warmth of the operators of their sex industry. The lists are inexhaustive for countries where paid sex is allowed but remember that if you found yourself in the United Kingdom and feel up to it, be cautious because persistent solicitation in public place is unlawful, Kerb crawling is not allowed and ensure the sex trader is not owned by a pimp. Lest one forgets, the rates may differ in the Post-Brexit era, considering the staggering difference in the exchange rates of world currencies. In a world where sex in its varied forms is ongoing as this is being read, the reality must be engraved in our hearts that this age long profession predates the civilization of sexual literacy.

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