People as Leaders…Turkey as Example             

Last week, the coup in the Eurasian country of Turkey portended every iota of misfortune for the bulwarks who have been fighting to deplete insurgency; lucky them, fortunes did not favour the brave military officers, but it sure favoured those initially intended for the ‘heinous’ gallows of ambitious military officers and aspiring non-military.  Days after the tremulous shake-up, documents exclusively obtained has implicated over 80 generals, 297 prime ministers’ staff sacked, 292 from the Islamic Institution given the shameful send off and about 15,000 in the education ministry shoveled out. Further, thousands have been arrested but sadly, over two hundred and sixty souls were lost to the ‘failed usurpation of power’.

The saviour of this non-fictive drama is the Turkish people. Of course not in the sense of those trodden upon or rode roughshod over, but in the light of a tenacious people; who believe in their democracy as much as understand, that any form of political impunity could not be permitted. It was not about the government apparatus being able to wage war against another of its kind, but the people who decided that their blood counted for nothing; and that the unity and stability of the country come first.

Going forward, majority of the Turkish people understand that their history must not be tainted as the founder of the Modern Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atarturk’s principles of Kemalism must not be truncated. Needful to state is that, Turkish Military had previously intervened in the political process on four occasions viz 1960, 1971, 1980, and 1997; while the failed attempt in 2016 is the complementary fifth.  

A painful retrospect by those who witnessed the country’s military’s interregna as well as the anachronism of military intervention must have spurred Turkish citizens to action. The reposed faith in Tayyep Erdogan and his call to protect the mandate that belong to them, thus Turkey remains an ‘uninterrupted state’. One could say that, this is the government of the people, for the people and by the people.

A quick return to Nigeria and you would agree with me, that until 1999, our country suffered under the stranglehold of the military and shares the bitter pill of its unsavoury incursions. Where were Nigerians during those years? Well, many of ‘us’ stayed indoors and shamefully preferred to stay alive and suffer in fear, rather than  brave the bullets and live; because in truth, those who held their own are the heroes we eulogize, whereas the cowardly lot are the footstool of the same converted ‘Khaki Converts’

In this non-rhetorical juncture, what example could we draw from the Turkish peoples? The answer is that they jettisoned the dastardly hypocrisies of religion as much as ethnic demons and extolled the humanity in them, employing the unalloyed conscientiousness that “The Godicle Template” proffers.
On this note, could Nigerians be Godly and discard the religious godlessness that destroys us!

Adeniyi Kunnu writes from his living room in Lagos.    

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