The day was Monday 25, 2016 and the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria SWAN had a yearly football competition organized and ongoing. Radio Nigeria was an hour from their game, i was captain of the side and while warming up, my pair of playing boots came apart without any contact. I had no cash on me and the closest ATM co-operated with my pocket.
Confused, I walked out of the National Stadium in Surulere and explained myself humbly and as a man in need. They all looked at me and said, 'oga even if you no get money we go do am for you'. I declined the freebie on a Monday morning but promised to return on Tuesday morning with the agreed amount, which of course i did with another job for them.
I know a Yoruba man would ask if i knew what 'Ojo Aje' meant in English and would sweep the debtors foot print away; while the Igbo man will consider heavenly fire against this bad luck on the first working day of the week; but these young men were the angels of my Monday, the ones whom God positioned to make His favour operational in my life. They dared to Trust this stranger and sacrificed to become my Heroes.
You do not need to avert death to become heroes or to defuse a bomb before your act is considered Heroic, but the little nudge which helps the next man move forward is absolutely the key ingredient. On this thrilling Thursday, i look back to Memorable Monday and say thanks to the great guys, who saved me from unexpected embarrassment and failure of the captain of a 'Sub -National Side from missing a National Competition'
God bless Abdullahi and Kazeem- with boots in hand; Yunus -green sleeves and Aliu -standing. They are my new friends and should you need your footwear taken good care of, it will be great to patronize them. They chatter away happily while working hard each day, under the bridge just opposite the entrance of the National Stadium.
Dare to Trust, Be a Hero.
Adeniyi Kunnu writes from Lagos.

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