The merging of two eras as well as its ideological postures received very potent and relished attention in a recent scholarly work. The author of the book, Dr. Dele Cole masterly pitches those of differing intellectual postures in the ever ebullient setting of Lagos. "The book title: Modern and Traditional Elites in the Politics of Lagos"

This work unveils the leading political figures of different historical junctures, beginning from the 1860s when Lagos experienced colonial incursion, down to the juncture where the country boomed with various personalities and ideologies.

Dr. Cole appears careful with his craft as this is not a mere work of fiction, but a catalogue of the very many ingredients which shape Lagos with a reflective allusion to Nigeria. He decried the poor interest and study of History in the country, with reference to secondary schools; even stating that its lack of attention could jeopardize the very essence of our socio-political history.

Professor Wole Soyinka who reviewed the book gave a succinct description of the characteristics of the intellectual piece; describing the outlay, pagination, weight and sections.
He delved into the crux of Dr. Cole's work by re-emphasizing the irreplaceable importance of history in the world we are today. Professor. Soyinka further emphasized the individuals of the era described in the book, making mention of their intellectual positions but collaborations despite their different leanings.

Soyinka wielded the big stick on those who acquire power for selfish reasons, referencing the WETIE DAYS in the nation's political history. He alluded to the publication and launch of the book published by a former president. Discountenancing the kind of materials that are not subjected to critical research before publication.

The Nobel Laureate also rebuked the simplistic notion of having 1000 snipers come after 1000 political opponents. He said the Abacha days itself would not have amassed such huge number and that our notions as a people has to be free from such insipid allegation.
He commended the author but on a jocular note warned him not to refer to traditional religion as paganism or else he may have to invoke Ogun, Sango and other Known deities to pay him a visit.

The Chairman of the occasion, Professor Edward Ayensu commended the author on his brilliant publication. He said though he hails from Ghana, he recently traced his ancestral paternity three generations back to Abeokuta in Ogun State. The professor of Mathematics said whatever will add value or take over in the future must have a touch of humans. He stated emphatically, that the Social Sciences is the aspect of human endeavour that will take over the future.

In attendance were Mrs T. Cole-wife of the author, Dr. Olusegun Osoba, Lady Ibru and many other eminent persons from the academia as well as other sectors of the economy.

The author capped it up by revealing that the book was his PhD thesis first published by the University of Cambridge in the late 60s to early 70s

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