A child is born
                                             Very void of vociferous vituperations
                                             Sorry,i mean tabularasa
                                             Okay innocent
                                              Having sneekily peeked
                                              Into this spherical abode
                                              The viccissitudes weigh in
                                              In words, winks and whizzies
                                             What a pretty little chip
                                              Chicky chucky pop off the channel
                                              The baby giggles:which only means:
                                              Leave me be,you mixed wretch
                                              Let me alone with my folks
                                              At ten months and crawling,
                                              Tongues wag, he lacks calcium
                                              Oh!what a slow-to-run litlun 
                                              At seven months and talking
                                              Eyes wide open,fast tongue
                                              Waoh!that's a talkative there 
 Through the seasons:
                                             Amongst peers,
                                             The good,the giddie and the goddammits
                                             Plus accompaniments of genetic mould
                                             The persona of the character unravels
 During worship:                   
                                             Do not touch,do not hold
                                             Believe,dis-believe,strive,attain,uphold et al
At own abode:                       Mutterings filter
                                              Remember your kith,also your kin
                                              We brought you forth
                                              And know what's best
                                             The once lovable little sojourner
                                              Mutates into:
                                             A condensed variegated scumbag.

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