Before the world knew dates
                                             And times rolled by hitch-free
                                             Lionesses have had the better
                                            Of lions with balls tucked back

                                            The female hyenas
                                            Get pleasured and fertile
                                            Become overtly territorial
                                            And make an outright vagabond
                                            Of male counterparts.

                                           I remember the moths and hoppers
                                           That copulate for long a time
                                           And on climax,appetite surge 
                                           Looking around, finding no food
                                           The exhausted male is meal

                                           He was very away
                                           And on his return
                                           She offers the sweetened peach
                                           Sugared cucumber, i mean apple
                                           He gets crunchy without halting
                                           W ithout knowledge of  the source
                                           Plunging into lifetime servitude.

                                          When, oh when?
                                          Will phallus get real and true
                                          That until he is himself
                                          And stops to think and ask
                                          Twill be a decimal in recurrence

                                         But how could he dis-entangle?
                                         When he is bound to be foot-swept
                                         On seeing BOOBITRAPS n BAK-ASSI
                                         His everlasting Achilles Heels
                                         Forever the predator's buffet.              

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