You say government wicked
                                        say na only their pocket dem know
                                        you say dem no build road,
                                        say water no dey for drink
                                        you say light no dey
                                        say na soso mosky for night
        you nko
                                       For your office yesterday
                                       You turn one zero to six
                                       Collect ten people money
                                       Resume work for ten but na 8 o.clock o 
                                       You drive moto pass one way
                                        Use traffic scatter express
                                        Anoda person dey talk
                                        Him say government korupt
                                        Say all awa money
                                        Dey for obodo oyinbo
                                        Inside their bank and treasury
                                        Say dem build big big house
Abeg neva make noise
                                       U dey for university
                                       You neva write exam for your life
                                       you fly like witch enter?
                                       Abi na black magic?
                                       Na your mouth run pass
                                       Your head na soso breeze full am
E do for you sef            
                                      You go piss for gutter
                                      Troway nylon for mainroad 
                                       Give bribe and collect
                                       Na fake fake melecine
                                       Full your shop everywhere
                                       Your lie fit wake dead body
                                      Swallow spit abeg
                                      you just dey disturb my ear since
                                      NO BE ONLY POT BLACK.

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